Education Opportunities

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world
— Nelson Mandela

Age Concern Otago aims to improve the quality of life of older people/nga pakkeke by providing education on a wide range of topics related to elder abuse and ageing.These presentations are lively and interactive, utilising a variety of teaching methods – e.g., didactic presentations, discussions, case studies, DVDs – to appeal to different adult learning styles.

An experienced educator will work to fit the needs of the audience. Sessions are designed to for those working with older people including health professionals (social workers, nurses etc), residential care facility staff, support service providers and caseworkers and students, bankers,attorneys, senior groups and clubs including the general public as a whole who have an interest in ageing.

 Some topics/workshops have included:

What is Elder Abuse

Defining elder abuse and neglect, legal obligations and indicators of risk.

Preventing elder abuse & neglect

Developing positive attitudes to ageing and caring of older people and vulnerable adults

Preventing elder abuse & neglect in Care Facilities

Identifying elder abuse & neglect, risk factors that can lead to abuse & neglect, proactive safe practices.

Disclosure & Responding to Elder Abuse & Neglect

Developing strategies to responding to disclosure and elder abuse & neglect.


Identifying the difference between restraint and enabling. Understanding the adverse effects of restraint and safe practice.

Understanding and respecting a person with dementia

Explore positive attitudes and ways to assist a person with dementia to feel respected and valued for who they are.

Code of Rights

Understanding the Code and making it easy to put into action in the daily care of vulnerable adults

Caring & Stress

Recognising triggers for stress, self-awareness & strategies to keep well

Cultural awareness & safety

Understand and recognise cultural difference and apply culturally safe practices and principles, and Maori values in a care facility.

Intimacy, sexuality and the older person in care

Defining what is sexuality. Understand and explore a positive attitude and respect of an older person’s sexuality.

Code of Rights

Understanding the Code and making it easy to put into action in the daily care of vulnerable adults

Dealing with challenging situations
2 Session workshop)

Recognise a difficult behaviour and/or situation with an older person and/or family dynamics. To gain strategies to maintain a meaningful relationship to ensure appropriate care and support to a vulnerable adult in a difficult situation.


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A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dream of.
— Nelson Mandela