Total Mobility


Age Concern Otago is an assessment agent of the Otago Regional Council Total Mobility Scheme which is for people with mobility issues and need to get around.

To qualify for an assessment, you must reside in Otago (either permanently or on a long-term basis).  An eligible person is a person with a permanent disability or a temporary disability that lasts at least 6 months and prevents you from independently using public transport or driving a motor vehicle safely.

Eligible Total Mobility clients are required to be a member of Age Concern Otago - $25 per year (due each April)


What does the assessment involve?

The assessment usually takes 20-30 minutes and will include taking a photo of you (see Privacy Statement), this is because of the new Total Mobility swipe card, a photo ID card which replaces the old voucher system. The assessment takes place in our Dunedin office or Mosgiel Seniors Hall (every Wednesday between 1 -2 pm). Phone 03 477 1040 to book an appointment.


How much is the subsidy?

The subsidy is 50% of the fare, up to a maximum of $25. If the total fare is more than $50 the client must meet the additional cost (note that the level of subsidy is not fixed and may vary in the future).


Where can I use my card?

Not all transport operators provide Total Mobility services.  Please check at the time of booking that the transport operator is part of the Total Mobility scheme.  A full list of operators is provided in the table here, the listing also shows the availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles.


Are wheelchair accessible vehicles available?

Yes, please see the Transport Operators table. Please let the transport operator know you require a wheelchair accessible vehicle and are a Total Mobility member when booking your transport.