Visit our  What's On page  for a list of upcoming classes

Visit our What's On page for a list of upcoming classes

Senior Chef is an 8 session cooking class  focused on cooking for one or two.

Helps to:

  • improve their cooking skills

  • Inspire cooking motivation

  • Nutritious new meal ideas

  • Easy to make recipes

  • Opportunity to meet new people

Senior Chef is suitable for men and women who:
Are over 65 or over (55 and affected by age-related diseases)
Live alone or with one other person
Want to improve cooking skills, confidence or motivation around cooking
Understand nutritional needs

Senior Chef is free to attend. Everything, including the ingredients for the cooking class and recipe book are provided.

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Why should you attend a Senior Chef class?

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The free lessons include tips on meal planning, making economical choices, and keeping your meals healthy and nutritious, plus you get to eat what you prepare.

Sharing food and cooking for others provides motivation for cooking which is important for many people who live on their own and find that meals become a boring necessity.  When meals become unattractive it can lead to a lack of appetite, poor nutrition and a number of related health concerns.

Working in  pairs in the class, our ‘chefs’ create some wonderful recipes including vegetable quiches, coleslaw, fruit smoothies, omelettes, chilli con carne, and yummy apple  crumble.  Over eight weekly morning sessions the‘chefs’ learn to prepare and cook a variety of food making a complete balanced and nutritious menu.

Our Senior Chef programme has a bonus social by-product too.  It is a fun programme where people come together for the common purpose of learning to cook for themselves so friendships are bound to develop. As well as enjoying the company of others the ‘chefs’ take away a greater sense of  wellbeing, the ability to fend a little better for themselves and are less socially isolated. 
While we can’t guarantee to make you a Master Chef, you will certainly be a Senior Chef if you come and join us for this wonderful free cooking course.


The recipe book is ideal for older people cooking for one or two people. The recipes use readily available ingredients and are quick and easy to prepare as well as nutritious and delicious.